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June's Strawberry Full Moon: Time to Love!

June's Strawberry Full Moon: Time to Love!

June’s Strawberry Moon: Time to Find Love and Compassion for Yourself!

Hello, magical friends! On June 21st I’m taking my Full Moon Flight to see the Strawberry Moon! Did you know that June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon? This name comes from Native American tribes who would use this moon to know when it was time to pick delicious strawberries. The Strawberry Moon is the first full moon of the summer and it tells us that summer is here!

The Strawberry Moon will rise on June 21st at 9:08 p.m. ET. Full moons are a wonderful time to let go of any bad feelings and to transform into a better, happier you. This full moon is extra special because it represents love and purity. Strawberries are linked to the heart, so this moon will help you show love and kindness to yourself.

Before I take off on my broom, I sprinkle it with my Pink Magic Moondust.

As I fly over Salem, I will leave a trail of this magical dust to spread love to everyone! I also sprinkle my broom with iridescent moon dust, which stands for purity and guidance. As I soar above Salem, I hope to guide everyone to love one another from the inside out. 

The light of the Strawberry Moon will give you the courage to be kind to yourself and others!

Crystals for June’s Strawberry Full Moon

Pink Quartz Crystal:

 My Aura Rose Quartz Crystal is all about romance, love, and generosity. It gets its magical energy from all the love in the world. Rose Quartz is the birthstone for October. I charge my crystal by spending time with people I love and by telling myself that I am loved. You can carry your crystal in your pocket to remind you that you are loved too!

Angel Crystal: 

My Aura White Angel Quartz Crystal stands for purity, guidance, and light. This crystal charges up when you hold it in your hands, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. I let this crystal guide me on my flight to the moon.

My Favorite Strawberry Full Moon Activity: 

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the Strawberry Full Moon is by painting! This time, I’m painting flowers on one of my Fairy House Paint Kits. Fairies also love celebrating the Strawberry Full Moon!

My Favorite Hat for June’s Strawberry Full Moon: 

I love wearing my “Official Good Witch of Salem” hot pink witch hat. It represents the love that the Good Witch of Salem founder, Ashley Tina, brings to the world.

Have a magical Strawberry Full Moon, and always remember to share your magic with the world and with me at @goodwitchofsalem.

Magically Yours,

The Good Witch of Salem

p.s. Here's the playlist I'll listen to on my full moon flight on Friday! I hope you like it!