Who We Are

Meet "The Good Witch of Salem"

Ashley Tina, Owner & Author

Ashley Tina is a Teacher, Author, and Owner of The Good Witch of Salem. She began her career as an Elementary School Teacher in Revere MA. Ashley continued to build on her career by receiving an M.Ed in Special Education from Salem State University and went on to receive additional teaching licenses in English as a Second Language and Early Childhood Education. 

 With over ten years of teaching experience and a love for children, Ashley was left with the desire to create an avenue to share her talents with a larger audience. 

 The Good Witch of Salem is a positive role model represented by the vibrant color "pink." Events, workshops, educational resources, and storytelling are just a few of the ways in which the Good Witch shares her magic. You may also read about the Good Witch's magical gifts in Ashley Tina's first published book, "The Good Witch of Salem."
Our Mission

Magical, Curious, Adaptable

The Good Witch of Salem is a positive teacher and wellness role model for young children. The Good Witch's mission is shared through magical and engaging content and events. This mission is reinforced through a retail line of educational resources, children's clothing and accessories, and imaginative toys. Self awareness, self love, and self growth transfer to the love of others. Once children discover their own magic through self confidence they are encouraged to share their gifts with the world!

What We Do

Books, videos, and events, guiding children to find their own magic.


Our Goal

Provide chidren tools to support their social and emotional learning.



When a child feels valued, safe, and secure they can reach for their highest potential.


Videos, books, online resources, in-person workshops, and live appearances.
100% Magical

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