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Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (60 minute party + 30 minutes for cake

What's Included? 
  • 60 minute instructor-led party   
  • "Create-Your-Own" potion activity  
  • A "touch of glitter" for each party attendee   
  • Color hair extensions for all party attendees   
  • 30 minutes for cake   
  • Packages are priced for 10 attendees (9 guests + the birthday child) 

Become a "Witch" 
or "Potion Master"


Create a Magical 

  • Spa Day Store Events

    Brew spa potions, painted nails, and fancy hair extensions!

Leprechaun Trolley

We Helped the Leprechaun!

On March 16, 2024, The Good Witch of Salem took her friends on a colorful trolley ride through Salem, MA, to catch the Leprechaun. The journey began at The Good Witch of Salem’s shop with a storytime about Lucky the Leprechaun, followed by mixing a growth potion to help him grow in size!

Together, they helped Lucky find each color in his rainbow at highlighted stops, represented by colored shamrocks, receiving ribbons for each color. Each color represented a magical quality: Pink for love, Red for energy, Orange for creativity, Yellow for joy, Green for growth, Blue for calmness, and Purple for healing. 


Embrace your creativity!

Choose from:
  • Pink Witch Hat Decorating
  • Potion Brewing
  • Broom Decorating

Magical Memories

Discover Why Guests 
Love Our Events!
In a recent trip up north to New England, this was one of our most anticipated stops for our young daughters. They absolutely loved dressing up with Miss Ashley, creating potions and doing other fun activities in their immersive sit down with the Good Witch of Salem! The staff is extremely friendly and Miss Ashley is like a magical dose of Disney all rolled into one amazing human being! =) Highly recommend this for anyone passing through New England with young daughters in tow that enjoy fantasy and adventure. You will not regret it!

Rob P.

Good Witch Private Session

Our family loved the Good Witch’s St. Patrick’s Day experience of helping the Leprechaun find his rainbow with the St. Patrick’s Day Trolley Ride. The Good Witch was amazing at focusing and engaging the kids on a positive message of values like love, kindness, and joy, and not materialism (searching for gold). I loved the messages the kids took away from this day. So much fun was packed into one activity- my kiddo had a blast. It was absolutely a joy to do together. The whole event was so well put together, with many different things to do, from listening to a story to making a potion to riding a trolley to a search for the leprechaun to even dancing in the park! So many smiles and laughs in one day, we can’t wait to do more with the good Witch!

Michelle C.

Leprechaun Trolley

This was our first time in Salem and came across this store while exploring. So happy we did! My girls had so much fun here making the potion! The store was so adorable and such a wonderful opportunity! Thank you!!!

Allison B.

Potion Brewing

I brought my niece to visit the Good Witch on her visit from Arizona and it was such an amazing experience!! We booked the Ultimate Good Witch experience and my niece was able to spend 1:1 time with the Good Witch, learning about spells to spread love and happiness. So many adorable little details that made the day so special. Thank you for the amazing Good Witch experience!

Alexandra K.

Good Witch Private Session

My daughter was transformed into a good witch and now she stands by the window every night looking for her fellow witches. This is a great activity for any kid. The staff there goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and put your children first and foremost. Support this little business.

Teodoro A.

Witch Transformation