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Magical Moon Dust

Hello and welcome to my home! I'm The Good Witch of Salem. Here is my magical broom! It is the broom I fly on! I can only fly on a magical day when it is a full moon!

Most people think I only fly at night, but I can fly during the day as well. Preparing for my broom flight takes a little bit of time and a whole lot of love.

There are three things I need in order to fly: my magical broom, moon dust, and the magic inside of me! Although I have my magical broom and moon dust always ready, it ultimately depends on my inner magic to fly. That is the magic inside of me. All the things I love. All the things that make me happy. All the things that I believe. These are my superpowers! When I tap into my magic, I can fly anywhere I want to go.

Once I have my magic and the belief from within I am ready to prepare my broom. In order to fly I must sprinkle my magic moon dust onto the husk of my broom.

My magic moon dust comes in various colors and each one has its own special meaning. Read about each color below!

The Good Witch of Salem Magic Moon Dust

Now it’s time to choose which color I need for my next flight. I always prepare my broom days before the full moon arrives. I listen closely to what the world needs at the time. Although, all the magical moon dusts are vital to our lives, there are specific colors we call upon at particular times of the year and seasons.

 The Good Witch of Salem Magic Moon Dust The Good Witch of Salem Magic Moon Dust

Once I call upon the colors needed, I simply sprinkle my broom with magic moon dust each day I feel the urge to do so. I also have others help me prepare my broom. Anyone celebrating a birthday, or their “magic day” is often asked to assist me in the magic moon dust ritual.