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The Good Witch of Salem’s Pink Witch Hat Collection

The Good Witch of Salem’s Pink Witch Hat Collection

When visiting The Good Witch of Salem's brick and mortar store in downtown Salem, one of the first thing you'll see upon entering the door, other than an abundance of pink, is a signature hat display that also serves as a tribute to inspirational women. Some of these include Bridget Bishop, and The Goods' (Sarah, Mercy, and Dorothy) who hold ties to the 1692 Witch Trials. The other hats were created in recognition of special women in The Good Witch's own family, mainly her two daughters, her Mother, and Grandmother.

What makes the hats magical is how each one is unique, just like the Women they were inspired by. With a variety of adornments, from tulle and ribbons, to flowers and magical stars, there is a different style to suite all different tastes.

"Witch" hat below is your favorite? Come find your magical fit at The Good Witch of Salem, or keep scrolling to shop all styles below!

The Official Good Witch of Salem Hat comes in the signature color of the Good Witch of Salem herself, hot pink. Perfect for costume parties, strolls around Salem, and dressing up as the Good Witch herself. This hat is a popular bestseller at the store!

The Sarah Good Witch Hat, with it's magical rainbow tulle is another popular seller at the Good Witch of Salem store. A popular choice for children, tweens and the young at heart.

The Mercy Good Witch Hat, with its pretty pastel tulle, metallic star adornment, and hot pink ribbon makes a fun statement for pink lovers.

The Dorothy Good Witch Hat Features whimsical tulle and a metallic star, set on a light pink ribbon atop a light pink hat.

The Bridget Bishop Witch Hat, which comes in light pink, features a hot pink sash and lacy tulle. A beautiful pink rose is the finishing touch on this hat--a pink lover's dream.

The Madelyn Theresa Witch Hat is a tribute to the Good Witch's older daughter, Madelyn. It comes in a fuscia color and features a light pink silky bow. It is adorned with a hot pink flower, representing Madelyn's calm, yet strong demeanor.

The Lucy Nancie Witch Hat is a tribute to The Good Witch of Salem's youngest daughter, Lucy, as well as her Mother, who bears the same name (Nancie). It comes in The Good Witch's signature hot pink color, and features a shining star, and silky light pink ribbon.

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