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June's Unicorn Trolley Ride - A Magical Journey

June's Unicorn Trolley Ride - A Magical Journey

On Sunday June 23, 2024, The Good Witch of Salem hosted an enchanting event that transported children and their families into a world of magic and wonder with the "Ride the Rainbow: Unicorn Trolley Adventure." This whimsical experience aligned perfectly with The Good Witch's mission to foster creativity, belief in oneself, and the magic of imagination!

The Adventure Begins 📚

The day started at The Good Witch of Salem’s charming shop located at 2 North Street, Salem, MA. Excited children gathered for a captivating story time session where The Good Witch, Ashley Tina, read "There's No Such Thing As...Unicorns" by Lucy Rowland. This delightful tale set the stage for the magical journey ahead, encouraging young hearts to believe in the impossible and trust in their own magic.

Brewing the Special Potion 🧪

After the story, the children eagerly joined The Good Witch of Salem in brewing a special potion designed to help them find the hidden unicorn. With each ingredient added (Our Magical Aura Crystals, Rainbow Bubbles, and Potion Waters) and with every stir of the cauldron, the anticipation grew. 

The Unicorn Trolley Ride 🦄

Once the potion was complete, everyone grabbed a pair of binoculars, a rainbow unicorn trolley ticket, and The Good Witch of Salem's Magical Map. With all of our gear in hand, the group boarded the iconic Salem Trolley, fully adorned in rainbow decorations, for an adventure through the historic streets of Salem! The trolley ride was filled with laughter and excitement as children captured rainbow ribbons, searched for the unicorn and let their imaginations soar. The Good Witch of Salem led the way, pointing out magical signs and encouraging everyone to believe in the unicorn and in themselves. 

Discovering Magic Everywhere 

Throughout the journey, children learned that magic is all around them and that by believing in their dreams, they can make anything possible. The Good Witch of Salem's Unicorn Trolley Adventures is not just about finding the unicorn but also about discovering the power of self-belief and the joy of imagination.  

A Day to Remember 💖

The Good Witch of Salem made sure everything was magical, from listening to exciting stories about unicorns to mixing a special sparkly potion, to finding clues around downtown Salem, Massachusetts and finally finding the unicorn! Our ride concluded with a sweet and sparkly treat; cotton candy dusted with special edible moondust glitter, sprinkled on top by The Good Witch of Salem herself!

By fostering a sense of wonder and encouraging self-belief, The Good Witch of Salem continues to inspire children to dream big and believe in the magic within themselves. This event was a beautiful reminder that, with a little bit of magic and a lot of belief, dreams really can come true!

Unicorn Trolley Adventures with The Good Witch of Salem will run once a month until October. Book your tickets now! 

Trolley Adventures run at 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 2:30 pm

Sunday July 14, 2024 Tickets

Sunday August 11, 2024 Tickets

Sunday September 15, 2024 Tickets

All of our past trolley adventures have sold out so please be sure to purchase your tickets in advance here. The journey begins at The Good Witch of Salem's shop located at 2 North Street, Salem MA.   

We look forward to having you join us on this whimsical journey, where believing in unicorns and in yourself can lead to the most magical discoveries. Together, we'll show that dreams can come true if we just believe! For more magical adventures and events, visit The Good Witch of Salem at Let the magic of believing guide you on your journey to discovering the extraordinary in the everyday.

Check out our Facebook Photo Album with pictures from the trolley! 

Magically Yours,
The Good Witch of Salem