Crystal Affirmation Kits for Kids

These Stuffed Plush Crystal Affirmation Kits are more than just a craft project. They're a way to spread love, healing, and positive energy. You'll have a cuddly friend who's always there for you, reminding you of the magic in your heart and the beauty of the world around you.

Each kit contains:

Unstuffed Plush Friend: Your journey starts with a soft, huggable friend waiting to come to life. You get to choose between a rainbow kitty, unicorn, or dragon. 

Magic Clouds Stuffing: Fill your plush friend with stuffing that is as soft as the fluffiest clouds in the sky.

Aura Crystal: You'll discover a beautiful aura crystal. Crystals are known for their positive energy and healing properties, and your crystal will infuse your plush friend with good vibes.

Healing Heart: Your kit comes with a special healing heart. You'll place it inside your plush friend, making them the most loving companion ever.

Moon Dust in a Bottle: Moon dust is a sprinkle of magic. Add a dash of stardust and a pinch of moon dust to make your plush companion glow with an out-of-this-world charm.

Affirmation Card: You'll find an affirmation card with words of encouragement and positivity. It's a little note from The Good Witch of Salem, reminding you that you are just as special and unique as your new mystical friend!


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