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April's Pink Full Moon Flight

April's Pink Full Moon Flight

Today marks the rising of the Pink Full Moon, symbolizing love and the blossoming of spring, leading us toward abundance, growth, and renewal. Just as the flowers bloom, we, too, are transforming into our most vibrant and beautiful selves!

The full moon always signifies the end of a lunar phase, urging us to let go and release what no longer serves us. Its illuminance guides us toward new beginnings. The Pink Full Moon, occurring during spring, a time of renewal and growth, is the perfect moment to use my Magical Rose Breathing to let go of what we no longer need and embrace what we love.

To begin my flight to the Pink Full Moon, I use my magical pink rose to breathe in all the things I love. I smell my rose, allowing love, joy, and peace to fill me. I then exhale everything I no longer need, releasing any sadness or negativity. I use bubbles or a birthday candle to blow out what no longer serves me.

Once I am surrounded by all the things I love, I continue to prepare for my journey with my crystal ball. I stop, I breathe, I clear my mind, opening myself to what I am meant to find. I take the time to use the magical energy of the full moon to peer into my crystal ball, seeking clarity for the new path ahead. I am excited for the next steps in my journey and the transformations they will bring.

Next, it is time to add my magic Moondust to my broom. The Moondust I mix and sprinkle on my broom gives it the power and qualities needed for my flight during the full moon. This flight represents the blooming flowers of spring and the transformative changes of the season. Spring urges us to find love and see beauty as we grow and transform. Growth flourishes when nurtured with an abundance of love and positive energy. My green magic Moondust and pink magic Moondust are the perfect combination for this magical flight alongside April's Pink Full Moon.

My green magic Moondust represents growth and vitality, mirroring the new beginnings and growth seen in the green grass and leaves on the trees. My pink magic Moondust represents love, which I consider to be the superpower of the world, guiding us to live our life's purpose.

Together, I mix the green and pink Moondust to create the perfect magical pair for my flight among the Pink Full Moon. I add a touch of Flower Power to represent the beauty blooming around us. It gives us the power to take the time to stop and see the beauty within us, a reflection of the beauty around us.

As I sprinkle my pink magic Moondust onto my broom, I think of love, closing my eyes to visualize all the things I love. As I sprinkle my green magic Moondust onto my broom, I think of growth and the magical ways I can continue to grow. I then add a sprinkle of Flower Power to enhance the magical blossoming of the flowers around me.

As I take flight this evening with the Pink Moon rising, I say my affirmations and share them with the world. The green and pink magic Moondust trails from my broom as I fly across the sky, reaching everyone beneath me with its magical energy. 

Let the illuminance of the Pink Full Moon guide you to a path of new beginnings as you bring in the energy of love and growth! 

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