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Dragon Crystal Magic Stuffed Animal Creation Kit

Dragon Crystal Magic Stuffed Animal Creation Kit

Introducing our Dragon Crystal Magic Stuffed Animal Creation Kit - Unbox a world of wonder where your imagination takes flight, and mythical creatures come alive in your hands.

Open up the box and find a dragon plush just waiting for you to add your creative touch. With each handful of "Magic Clouds" stuffing, and each shimmering crystal, your dragon will start to come alive right before your eyes!

Once your dragon is complete, it won't just be a toy - it'll be a symbol of your imagination and creativity. Whether you're playing, sleeping, or dreaming, your dragon will always be there to remind you of the magic within you and the wonders of mythical worlds.

Each kit contains: 1 x Unstuffed Dragon Plush, "Magic Clouds" Stuffing, Magic Moon dust, 1 x Magic Aura Crystal, Stardust, 1 x Healing Heart, 1 x Affirmation Card, 1 x Wooden Witch Charm, 1 x Adoption Certificate.