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Rainbow Cat Crystal Magic Stuffed Animal Creation Kit

Rainbow Cat Crystal Magic Stuffed Animal Creation Kit

Introducing our Rainbow Kitty Crystal Magic Stuffed Animal Creation Kit - With this kit, you'll bring a magical creature to life and explore the enchanting sparkle of aura crystals.

Inside this awesome kit, you'll find a Rainbow Kitty plush just waiting for you to bring it to life! With each "Magic Cloud" and shimmering crystal, your Rainbow Kitty will start to shine with the magic from within you!

Once your Rainbow Kitty is all ready to go, it's not just a regular toy – it's a magical friend that carries a piece of your creativity and imagination! Whether you're having a playful adventure, snuggling up for a cozy nap, or drifting off into dreamland, your Rainbow Kitty will be right there, reminding you of the incredible worlds that your imagination can create.

Each kit contains: 1 x Unstuffed Rainbow Cat Plush, "Magic Clouds" Stuffing, Magic Moon dust, 1 x Magic Aura Crystal, Stardust, 1 x Healing Heart, 1 x Affirmation Card, 1 x Wooden Witch Charm, 1 x Adoption Certificate.