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July: New Moon in Cancer: Time to Get Those Spellbooks Out!

July: New Moon in Cancer: Time to Get Those Spellbooks Out!

July’s new moon in Cancer on Friday July 5, 2024 will bring us all the feels. The astrological sign of cancer is centered around experiencing our deepest emotions. So as we deepen our friendships that we made during June’s Gemini new moon, we have to be ready to deal with all the new feelings they might bring. Remember, it’s okay to feel both good and bad feelings because we are human, but it’s important to reach out to those who are closest to us when we need help dealing with all of our thoughts. This is perfect because Cancer is the sign centered around “home” and “family”! 

Intention Setting New Moon Ritual with the Good Witch of Salem

I like to write my new moon intentions in my official Good Witch of Salem hot pink spell book each month. I enjoy looking back through my spell book throughout the year and reflecting on all the magic created during each lunar cycle!

I begin my new moon intentions by writing down all the things I love about myself. Then, I think of all the wonderful things I’m grateful for in my life and what I’m excited about this month. It’s July, in my home town of Salem, Massachusetts, so I’m grateful for summer sunsets, beach days on the North Shore, and spending time with my friends and family outdoors on hikes and at the pool! The astrological sign of Cancer, belonging to those born between June 21st and July 22nd, is a water sign symbolized by a crab. Cancers are known to be emotionally intelligent, nurturing, and sensitive.   

Intention Setting New Moon Ritual with the Good Witch of Salem

I look deep within myself. 

I discover, feel, and transform from a place of inner wisdom.

I am guided, supported, and loved as I navigate my way through all of my emotions.

I allow them to rise and fall like the ocean waves. 

I give myself permission to feel, let-go and release what no longer serves me and keep the joy and love that is rooted deep within my being. 


Crystals for the New Moon:

Because support is important when dealing with our emotions we’re going to need our Aura Crystals on hand.  When I’m feeling down I like to carry my purple Amethyst Crystal to help me feel like myself again because purple helps to heal and create. I feel better when I create fun, beautiful things! I always start off with writing ideas or feelings down in my The Good Witch of Salem Spellbook because I express my thoughts and emotions on each page. Releasing my feelings helps me feel better about myself, and I feel like a weight has been lifted.

When I want to feel free like this I also carry my red Ruby Aura Crystal because its sparkles give healing energy and its power helps me feel free. Because night can be a quiet time of reflection, I recommend you charge your crystals in the sunlight during the day so you can keep your charged crystals by your bed while you sleep.


Dreams are powerful for working through intentions and processing emotions. During this July New Moon in Cancer I’m hanging my crescent Magic Moon Dreamcatcher by my bed. In the morning I like to write down my dreams in my Good Witch of Salem Spellbook and reflect on their messages!

Have a magical New Moon in Cancer, and remember to always share your magic with the world and with me at @goodwitchofsalem!

Magically Yours,
The Good Witch of Salem