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Mermaid Week: Dive into the fun!

Mermaid Week: Dive into the fun!

The Good Witch of Salem hosted an enchanting "Mermaid Week" from June 25 to June 27, offering a magical trio of events for children to dive into creativity and fun. A bundle deal was available for purchase, which allowed families to attend all three mesmerizing workshops, creating an unforgettable week of mermaid magic.

A Magical Start with the Mermaid Spa Party 🧼

On Tuesday, the week began with the delightful Mermaid Spa Party. From 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, children were pampered and treated to a magical spa experience. The Good Witch guided the young participants through creating their own mermaid magic potion, using Magic Moondust, Aura Crystals and special mermaid mix-ins! Which was then followed by a Good Witch mermaid transformation! This included nail painting, mermaid makeup and mermaid hair!  

Creating Enchantment with Mermaid Slime 🧜‍♀️

The enchantment continued on Wednesday with the Mermaid Slime Workshop. Kids mixed, mashed, and stirred their own mermaid-themed slime. The Witch Apprentices provided expert guidance, ensuring each child created a unique and magical slime to take home. 


Illuminating Creativity with Mermaid Lanterns 🏮

The week concluded with the Mermaid Lanterns Workshop. Kids decorated their very own mermaid-themed mason jar lanterns. Guided by the Witch Apprentices, the children transformed simple jars into beautiful, illuminated keepsakes. This final workshop of the week encapsulated the spirit of creativity and magical play, leaving each child with a shining reminder of their enchanting week.

Continuing the Magic

While "Mermaid Week" has come to an end, the magic continues at The Good Witch of Salem. With a variety of enchanting events and experiences offered throughout the year, there is always an opportunity to dive into creativity and fun. Embrace the magic within and let your imagination soar!

Magically Yours,
The Good Witch of Salem