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May’s Flower Full Moon: Time to Bloom!

May’s Flower Full Moon: Time to Bloom!

Today, at the height of spring alongside all of the flowers blossoming I’m preparing for my Full Moon Flight to the Flower Moon! The full moon on May 23rd is the Flower Moon, symbolizing the beauty that comes with opening up and blooming into our fullest potential.  Spring marks a time of abundant growth and renewal, mirroring our own transformation into vibrant, beautiful beings.

The May Flower Moon, also known as the Full Flower Moon, derives its name from the abundant blossoming of flowers during spring. May’s full moon symbolizes fertility, growth and the promise of new beginnings. This Flower Full Moon is the perfect occasion to practice my magical rose breathing, releasing what we no longer need and embracing what we love! Have you tried flower breathing? 

First I use my magical pink rose. Inhaling its scent, I draw in love, joy, and peace, exhaling any negativity or sadness. Once I've surrounded myself with love, I turn to my crystal ball for guidance. Clearing my mind, I seek clarity for the path ahead.

Watch as I sprinkle my broom with my Emerald Green Magic Moondust. This special blend, combining green for growth and vitality, and yellow for joy, reflects the transformative nature of spring. It reminds us to seek joy and beauty as we grow and evolve.

As I sprinkle the Moondust, I think of love, growth, and the beauty of blossoming flowers. With my broom prepared, I take flight as the Flower Moon rises. The trail of Moondust I leave behind touches all beneath, sharing its magical energy! Keep your eyes open for my sparkling magic moon dust on the ground the day after the full moon, sometimes I sprinkle some as I’m flying above the earth! 

Let the Flower Full Moon's light give your confidence to bloom into your full potential and magic!  

Crystals For May’s Flower Full Moon

Emerald Green Aura Quartz Crystal

 My Emerald Green Aura Quartz Crystal represents growth and vitality for balance in perfect harmony. It gets its energy and emerald green tone from the magic of the earth’s green grass. Emerald is also the birthstone of the month of May.. I charge my Emerald Aura crystal by leaving it outside on the grass in the sunlight. This crystal will absorb the earth’s grounding and abundant energy that will nurture you as you find your joy, and allow you the power to let go, release, and renew. Carry your crystal in your pocket as a reminder that change equals growth and vitality!

My Favorite Flower Full Moon Activity

Fairy House Painting Kit

Painting is one of my favorite ways to explore my emotions and creativity. This Flower Full Moon I’m painting flowers on one of my fairy house kits. Fairies also love celebrating the Flower Full Moon! 

My Favorite Hat for May’s Flower Full Moon
Pink Witch Hat | The Sarah Good Witch Hat

Sarah Good Light Pink Witch Hat

My “Sarah Good” light pink witch hat is perfectly adorned with a beautiful rose in full bloom! 

Have a magical Flower Full Moon, and remember to always share your magic with the world and with me at @goodwitchofsalem!

Magically Yours,

The Good Witch of Salem