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May's New Moon in Taurus Intention Setting

May's New Moon in Taurus Intention Setting

New Moon in Taurus: Time to Ground and Rejoice!

The New Moon is the perfect time to self-reflect and set our intentions for the coming lunar cycle. Tonight’s new moon in Taurus is the first new moon of spring! New moons often serve as a time for us to let go of the things that no longer bring us joy while giving us time to reflect on ways we can bring more joyful things into our lives. Every new moon, I set my intentions, release what no longer feels good, and embrace the current moment with my new moon ritual.

Intention Setting New Moon Ritual with the Good Witch of Salem

I like to write my new moon intentions in my official Good Witch of Salem Hot Pink Spell Book each month. I enjoy looking back through my spell book throughout the year and reflecting on all the magic created during each lunar cycle! I begin my new moon intentions by writing down all the things I love about myself. Then, I think of all the wonderful things I’m grateful for in my life and what I’m excited about this month. It’s May, and springtime in my home of Salem, Massachusetts, so I’m grateful for all the beautiful and fragrant spring blossoms, and I’m excited to spend time with my friends and family outdoors in the warm weather! The astrological sign of Taurus is an earth sign that calls us to be in nature and recognize the beauty all around us.

I am change.
I let go of what no longer serves me.
I am transformative.
I bring in what brings me joy.

Crystals For The New Moon

My Emerald Green Aura Quartz Crystal represents growth and vitality for balance in perfect harmony. It gets its energy and emerald green tone from the magic of the earth’s green grass. Emerald is also the birthstone of the month of May, which is why I’m using my Emerald Aura Quartz Crystal in my new moon ritual. I charge my Emerald Aura crystal by leaving it outside on the grass in the sunlight. This crystal will absorb the earth’s grounding and abundant energy that will nurture you as you find your joy, and allow you the power to let go, release, and renew. Carry your crystal in your pocket as a reminder that change equals growth and vitality!

I always love to add some crystal sparkle ambiance by hanging my Amethyst Moon Crystal nearby as I set my new moon intentions. The Amethyst purple helps to heal and create while helping create peace inside to help see one’s true fate. This is exactly what I want to do on every new moon!

Have a magical New Moon in Taurus, and remember to always share your magic with the world and with me at @goodwitchofsalem. 

Magically Yours,
The Good Witch of Salem
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