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The Good Witch of Salem's Leprechaun Trolley | Rainbow Ride Through Salem

The Good Witch of Salem's Leprechaun Trolley | Rainbow Ride Through Salem

On March 16, 2024, The Good Witch of Salem took her friends on a colorful trolley ride through Salem, MA, to catch the Leprechaun. The journey began at The Good Witch of Salem’s shop with a storytime about Lucky the Leprechaun, followed by mixing a growth potion to help him grow in size!

Together, they helped Lucky find each color in his rainbow at highlighted stops, represented by colored shamrocks, receiving ribbons for each color. Each color represented a magical quality: Pink for love, Red for energy, Orange for creativity, Yellow for joy, Green for growth, Blue for calmness, and Purple for healing. The rainbow was waved in the air to attract Lucky, symbolizing balance and true gold within.

The trolley stopped at Salem Common, where Lucky was presented with his rainbow, and each child received a "heart of gold," putting their magic inside through visualization and affirmations. The day ended with dancing, singing, a magical gift, and photos at The Good Witch of Salem's home. The adventure was accompanied by music, adding to the vibrant and fun energy.

 The music on our ride added to the vibrant and fun energy of our adventure! You can listen here on Spotify

Bring home the magic of the rainbow from the inside out by listening along to the Good Witch of Salem's Rainbow Meditation! 

 View more photos from the Leprechaun Trolley Ride on Facebook

"Our family loved the Good Witch’s St. Patrick’s Day experience of helping the Leprechaun find his rainbow with the St. Patrick’s Day Trolley Ride. The Good Witch was amazing at focusing and engaging the kids on a positive message of values like love, kindness, and joy, and not materialism (searching for gold). I loved the messages the kids took away from this day. So much fun was packed into one activity- my kiddo had a blast. It was absolutely a joy to do together. The whole event was so well put together, with many different things to do, from listening to a story to making a potion to riding a trolley to a search for the leprechaun to even dancing in the park! So many smiles and laughs in one day, we can’t wait to do more with the good Witch!"

- Michelle C.