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Celebrating the Spring Equinox with the Good Witch of Salem

Celebrating the Spring Equinox with the Good Witch of Salem

Today marks the vernal spring equinox, a celebration of new beginnings and transformation in our lives. As daylight grows, we feel a surge of energy, expanding our own sense of renewal. This equinox signifies balance, with equal parts light and darkness, reminding us of the peace found in equilibrium.

The body will seek balance today as the transformative energy surrounds us. The universe's balance inspires us to seek balance within ourselves, essential for embracing new beginnings and transformation. This is a time to reflect on our energy and seek inner harmony. Take the time to explore your own energy source through meditation, rituals and exercises that honor the balance between light and darkness.

As the universe finds balance and peace, we too experience a sense of rebirth and renewal. This day encourages us to reflect on our lives with a balanced perspective, allowing for transformative growth.

The expanding light symbolizes the opportunity to expand our own light from within, nurturing our passions and purpose. This transformative energy empowers us to discover and expand our life's purpose.

Just as winter's darkness allowed for introspection and rest, the coming of spring invites us to shine brighter. The cycle of the earth mirrors the cycles within us, connecting us to our soul's purpose.

The cycle of the earth is a reflection of the cycle that is happening within your own body. Connecting the two and finding the value of your life through these cycles give you an incredible power to connect to your soul's purpose

This equinox invites us to embrace balance, nurture our inner light, and align with the transformative energy of the universe, guiding us on a path of growth and purpose.

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Spring Equinox Affirmation:

I find balance in my life. 

I honor the darkness behind me. 

This darkness allowed me to go within,

To listen, to feel and reflect.  

I welcome light into my life.

I honor both the light that surrounds me

and the light that lives within me. 

This light shines bright and brilliant, 

giving me guidance, clarity, and strength. 

It clears the path to my inner purpose and deep desires. 

I shine brightly from the inside out.

Spring Equinox Ritual:

Today, honor the sun, the giver of light to the world and all its gifts. The light she gives to us, also lives within us. Her surrounding light reflects the light from within, reminding us that light always returns. This light has the incredible power to fuel our ability to live our lives with purpose, and lead us to a place of inner joy.

-Ashley Tina, The Good Witch of Salem 

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