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The Good Witch of Salem Welcomes the Vernal Spring Equinox!

The Good Witch of Salem Welcomes the Vernal Spring Equinox!

Today is the spring equinox! This is a special day when the day and night are the same length. It's a time to think about balance in our lives, like balancing playtime during the day with restful sleep at night. It is very important to make sure there is time to rest so that we have the energy to play.

This reminds me of my red magic moondust! It’s all about energy and helps me fly on my broomstick! I need the energy to take flight and go to great places. This energy comes from within and gives me the ability to go to the places I want to reach. This energy is very important!  I have to be careful with how much moondust I use—if I use too little, I can barely get off the ground, but if I use too much, my broom goes too fast and I might crash! Just like with my moondust, balance is key.

The spring equinox teaches us to find balance by resting in the darkness and shining like the sun. By listening to ourselves and finding that inner voice, we can nurture our own transformative light. When we have balance, we have the strength to expand our energy, just like the sun does.

So, as we celebrate the spring equinox, let's remember to find that balance in our lives and shine bright with our own magical energy!

Affirmation for the Spring Equinox

I find balance in my life. 
I honor the darkness behind me. 
This darkness allowed me to go within,
To listen, to feel and reflect.  
I welcome light into my life.
I honor both the light that surrounds me
and the light that lives within me. 
This light shines bright and brilliant, 
giving me guidance, clarity, and strength. 
It clears the path to my inner purpose and deep desires. 
I shine brightly from the inside out.

- Ashley Tina, The Good Witch of Salem


Listen to the magic of the Vernal Spring Equinox by visting the Good Witch of Salem's Spotify playlist! 

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