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Welcoming the Worm Full Moon | March 2024

Welcoming the Worm Full Moon | March 2024

Happy Worm Moon!

Today, I celebrate the magic of this month's full moon, the Worm Moon! You may have spotted its beauty last night before bedtime. If you looked up, you would have seen a big, round circle in the night sky, beautiful and bright! Regardless of where you were, the moon was shining, even if unseen! Its big, bright, and beautiful magic is always present on the night of the full moon. If you can't see it, you can feel it! Always remember that the earth's magic and the magic within you are always present. Just like the full moon, there are times when your light shines brightest. Today, the moon shows us its light fully present, shining brightly during the darkest parts of the night.

What I love about this full moon is that it is the first full moon of spring! We welcomed the spring equinox on March 19, 2024. As we continue to celebrate and honor springtime, we allow more and more light into our lives each and every day. We honor the magic the world brings to us through the season of spring. Spring is a time of significant growth for ourselves from the inside out! Earth mirrors that reflection through nature. Flowers bloom, trees gain their leaves, grass sprouts, and light enters our world. The fairies even help during this beautiful time of growth and renewal!

​​As I prepared my broom for my monthly Full Moon Flight last night, I looked within and felt the magic of growth that the Worm Moon was bestowing upon us in connection with the spring equinox. With this growth comes great positive change. As we grow, changes come and go, and it's important to remember that it's okay! Although there are times when we desire things to remain the same, always remember that incredible growth is rooted in change. Allowing change to occur effortlessly leads to remarkable growth from a place of self-love!

I decided to use my Emerald Green Magic Moondust for my flight on the broom during the magic of the Worm Moon! As you know, I need four important things: my broom, of course, the belief in myself, the magic of the full moon, and my Magic Moondust! Choosing the right Magic Moondust is a very important task. The color and meaning of my Magic Moondust must align with what the world needs at the time of each of my Full Moon Flights. With the entrance of spring and the light it brings, I chose my Emerald Green Magic Moondust to share with the world! The Emerald Green Moondust is for vitality, meaning growth. Giving all of the world, nature, and people the magic to grow from the inside out is a superpower. Remember that we must choose to allow growth to come into our lives. That means we are able and willing to try new things, reflect on our experiences, and allow ourselves to embrace change. Always remember as you grow and learn, and as you allow change in your life, that you should always trust yourself. You are able to listen to your inner voice. What feels right is so important and gives you not only the ability to grow but the magical power to spread your wings and fly, or hop on your broom and soar to great heights!

Welcome the magic of growth in your life! As you continue on your journey, find the things that allow you to grow and become the best version of yourself. Welcome change and honor the magic of the universe, as it is a reflection of the magic we cultivate from within. Happy flying!

Worm Moon Affirmation

I honor change.
I allow it to enter my life
effortlessly and with ease.
I give change the ability to flow
in and out of my life,
without expectations or answers.
I allow change to come in.
I grow.
I grow from a place of love.
I grow from a place of peace.
I grow from a place of gratitude.
I do this without knowing the answers,
the hows, or whys. 
I trust the process.
I let change come into my life.

Worm Moon Affirmation for Kids

Just like a seed, I rest.
I take the time to relax my body.
I allow myself to let go.
I find great magic inside of me
ready to be released! 
When the light comes, I grow!
I sprout, I blossom.
I shine my light bright each and every day.
The more time I have,
the brighter I shine,
bringing myself to a place of beauty.
A place I call mine.

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